How dangerous is ovarian cancer for women

 Ovarian cancer is a relatively rare, but a serious disease because its early discovery is not possible. Although progresses have been made in this respect, the diagnosis is often late for any treatment to be effective. In most cases of ovarian cancer, the malignant tumor develops in the mucous or glandular tissue of the ovary.

ovarain-cancer-research-trialOvarian cancer affects 9-10 women out of 100,000 per year and it is the first cause of death from genital cancer. It affects women of all ages, especially those who passed over the menopause stage. The severity of this disease is given by the late diagnosis, which makes the treatment much more difficult. It seems that 75% of the ovarian cancers are detected at an advanced stage (stage III cancer spread beyond the pelvis or stage IV cancer with distant metastases).

Several risk factors are connected with an increased incidence of this type of cancer:

  • Age increases the risk of developing this disease after 40  up to 70 years, then decreases after the latter age;
  • The small number of born children and an early menopause are other important risk factors;
  • Women’s genetic predisposition which is found in 20% of cases. This may explain the relatively frequent association in the same family of cases of breast and ovarian cancer;
  • Excessive smoking;
  • Rich diet in lactose.

The main reason why the mortality rate from ovarian cancer is high is that this cancer develops silently without any evident signs or strong symptoms. Only in the advanced stages, ovarian cancer presents aggressive and obvious symptoms, which occur 12 months before the diagnosis. Unfortunately, in most cases the symptoms are misleading, because they can be attributed to different and less severe conditions.

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