Effective ways by which you can treat colds!

We probably all heard people complaining about catching colds or flu, some of them saying that they have it too often. Nevertheless, there are various natural remedies besides taking a lot of medicines. The food we eat, for example, is one of the most effective shields against contracting colds. A steady, balanced diet that comprises many fruits and vegetables can strengthen the immune system and help people not to contract colds or influenza.

2491233290Once you catch a cold, there is still no effective remedy against common cold’s vicissitudes. One of the factors that can be considered as triggers is stress, which increases our susceptibility to colds. Researchers have shown that resistance to cold in elderly people increases if they regularly take multivitamins and multi-mineral supplements. Chills or shivers should not be confused with a cold, meaning that if you wet yourself and sit in draft, this can give you the feeling similar to the one when you catch a cold.

Researches have shown that vitamin C reduces the symptoms of colds if it is taken regularly, and other studies even found a protective effect in them against contracting colds. Vitamin C can cause harm if it is administered in moderate doses, even for a short period of time or if someone wants to try a treatment. At the first sign of cold, people must take daily for a week, 2-4 grams of vitamin C or an equivalent amount in the form of tablets. Keep in mind that doses greater than 4 grams of vitamin C that are administered for long periods may cause kidney stones. Among the secondary effects can headaches, restless sleep and upset stomach can be included here.

Colds and influenza are caused by viral infections and are highly contagious. Coughing and sneezing in a closed public places and closed can easily spread the infection because mucus from the nose and throat of the sick person is filled with viruses. They can survive for quite a few hours on objects such as door knobs, telephones, therefore, people should wash frequently their hands when there are sick people around them. The risk of infection is increased by stress, fatigue, chronic illness or depression; all these 3 factors can lower the body’s resistance.

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