Dangers related to smoking and the importance of life insurance!

Smoking kills. You know it, I know it and everyone else knows it. But that does not stop youngsters from taking up such a horrible habit, nor does it affect veteran smokers who cough their lungs out every morning. I smoked for about 5 years and found it incredibly hard to quit. But I did so, and now my life improved dramatically.

200840211-300x199Nonetheless, my mission is not to convince you to quit smoking. That is a personal decision and can only come from within. I intend to offer you an outlook on the risks smoking brings about and how finding quality online life insurance quotes can actually help you in a difficult situation.

1.      Your health

Naturally, I’m going to start with health related aspects. Some people can actually improve with such shock-treatment, but personally I believe that once you’re addicted to nicotine, you can look at as many pictures with darkened lungs as you will: it won’t stop you from lighting another smoke. Your average cigarette contains close to 4000 substances out of which 400 are known to be very toxic.

Nicotine causes addiction instantly (some say that the drug in its natural form is almost as addictive as heroin). Carbon monoxide reduces the amount of oxygen in your body and the tar found in cigarettes is extremely toxic for the human body. These are mere examples.

Naturally, you know that cancer is the main problem here. But that’s not all: smoking slowly shuts down your blood vessels and, at some point, almost every problem you can encounter can be linked with this habit. So, saying that smoking kills is not an understatement.

2.      Your family

If you and/our your spouse are addicted to tobacco, be sure that your children will wonder how it is to smoke. Basically your smoking habit creates future smokers out of your children. And don’t get fooled by how they say they hate nicotine when they’re five. At some point, they’ll turn fifteen. Good luck then.

3.      Yourself

Smoking ages the skin and reduces lung capacity. It makes you an addict and slowly, your whole life is going to depend on whether you have „smokes on you” or not. And it will eventually kill you.

Life insurance will also be significantly more expensive if you get insured as a smoker. Why? Because agencies settle their prices based on whether you smoke or not, as your risk of dying improves because of the habit.

Think twice before lighting the next cigarette. Visit our website for more useful information about life insurance and other pieces of writing about health risks.